i met eric through a lemon demon in summer 2018 (yeah, i used to be one of those kids) discord server. apparently everyone there knew he was a popular artist, but i was the only one who didn't know anything about his stuff. turns out they were right. what they don't know is he's italian. yeowtch!

i met mika through tumblr in winter 2018. we followed each other for a while, and tried to talk. i then found out that she's a 25 minute drive from my house, and we started hanging out.

i met spencer at our high school, the high school of art and design. he was always really energetic and creative and funny, so i basically hung out with him every day all day until the pandemic hit.

i met april through an arg she made, called doctorphilfetish/appreciation tapes on tumblr. i led the discord server playing it, and when i found out we had a common interest in twin peaks, we started talking outside of the arg, continuing to after it ended and to this day.

in 2018, i was at a record store in vermont during a road trip with my dad. i did not see sol there. i accidentally followed it on tumblr, though. we never really started talking until i asked them if they wanted to play april's arg at the time with me.

to be honest, i only know susan through her being april's girlfriend, but i didn't think i would get to know her as well as i do now. she's very funny plus she has a cool pc we all watch together movies on and i always save the manager spot for her in roblox pizza place.