(age 18)


my name's david. i've been on neocities since i made my first website in 2017. i knew about the community, but i saw these sites rather as an art form than a method of expression/communication. so i started this, which is my own personal site, not professional or a portfolio, it's basically my house.
i make collages, my preferred mediums are video, sound, and paper. i'm also part of an art collective called xxxy. it's extremely important to me, and if you're gonna check out my site i highly reccomend that you check us out as well. xxxy is meant for transgender experimental artists. if you couldn't tell, i am a transgender male. being trans is a very important part of my identity to me, and i love to connect with my community in an artistic lense.
speaking of art, if you're interested in stuff i've made, i have a page for that too (although this whole site is stuff i made).
i have a small dog named wisteria, she means the world to me. she is a little black ""chihuahua"" and loves to put her little head on whatever she needs.
i also have a journal on here that i update when i want, if you want environmental storytelling.
feel free to click around and have an overall good time!



current special interests:

breaking bad, death grips, mechanical keyboards


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