la is like... nowhere.
everyone who lives here is lost.

(you know, like the absence of light?)

"i'm doomed... i'm only 18 years old and i'm totally doomed!"

"you know that i firmly believe that humans were built for sex and for love, and that we should dole out on as much of both as possible before we're old and ugly and nobody wants to touch us anymore!"

"i read it in mouth to mouth, squirtle-fungus!"

"all my life i've been searching for one special person on this awful scary planet who i can love, and loves me for what i am."

"did you hear what happened to marcus? his butthole fell out and he has to have surgery."

"i believe...
i believe...
i believe..."

"looks like we got a deviant on our hands!"

"and we just hate, hate, HATE any sort of deviation!"

"how would you like to sit on my face and cut a nice big juicy fart?"

"you smell like a wet dog!"

"alright ladies... scarf!"

"my friends call me egg... dweeby, i know."

"i've done it lots of different times, with lots of different people, okay?"

"i don't believe in anything."

"dogs eating people's faces is cool!"

"godzilla, are you there man?"

"i'm full of hate, i want to kill!"

*the alien*