gay people my age will say: "more weird gay stuff!!!! bad art ugly art weird camp!!!!" and only watch our flag means death and the magnus archives instead of looking for the very real weird gay art that's existed for decades

i know what i cant do now tell me what i can do

things i will do when i am done with this movie:

  • stop drinking coffee
  • stop paying for adobe

you made him a god but i made him a woman

guy at a urinal acting like he’s aiming his dick but he has a pussy and the piss is all just going down his leg

i think i personally find conflicting features as androgyny (as oppused to neutral features as androgyny) way more appealing. i'm talking about myself having a beard and c cups not digging anyones appearance

god i wish i was mark romanek on the set of closer. imagine telling everyone to shut up just so you could touch trent reznor and tell him how to stand

stoned hornily looking into the eyes of shirtless photos of trent reznor like alan ruck in ferris bueler with art museam

Fight Club Summary:
Some gay guy (Edward Norton) gets chemical burn.

Every Trans Person With Niche Hobby Get Lots Of Money

i hope paypals transphobic ass dies

celebrities are dropping like FLIES!! it is 2022 and all the celebrities are dying right now... at least 2 a day. i wonder who's next.

talk rock

classical motion

soulcycle is crazy it's not even real bikes

i'm not the boss of the handclaps by any means - beck.

an expensive shopping mall for me, a dirty rubbing bunny for me, and a scotch full of glass for me.

i don't think i can withstand web 2.0 much longer, let alone web 3.0.

it's weird to have always been a stranger in your own home, and then have it enforced.

funny how toothaches are the body perfectly in unison-
the tooth hurts, the ear cries with it, sometimes to head.
during recovery, you cannot expect that same effort.

i will stop learning to fly until you finish.