in March 2019, a 17 year old
boy who loves pepsi / hates water
went missing from his home in
Fight Club City, indiana.

He loved 6 Flags Fright Fest, Fruit
Snacks, and CEO of Starbucks
Howard Schultz

This footage was found of him but
the whereabouts of the boy remain

Howard Schultz Tapes

The Howard Schultz Tapes are a series of documentations by a teenage boy before he went missing. Many believe this tape solves his disappearance entirely. The tapes were posted to over a period of 3 months. They documented his feelings towards Starbucks CEO and possible presidential canditate Howard Schultz, as well as support for Beto O'Rourke at times. It's speculated that Starbucks had an actual hand in his mental state at the time, for reasons we'll touch on later.
Theorists often discuss the how the teen changes throughout the tapes, so for your convenience I've made a chart noting his changes throughout the tapes.

After the tapes progress to the detrimental point shown above, we can clearly see the teenager getting kidnapped, and security footage of the teenager being drugged by Starbucks employees plays. I don't know how this was obtained, or if it was obtained legally, but whoever did is an American Hero, because it shows the true treatment of customers at Starbucks. After he becomes "normalized", the boy helplessly wanders through a mall until getting a message from Howard Schultz to hibernate.


This boy was a regular, well adjusted teenager, until one day Howard Schultz and his dem goons kidnapped him and sent him on a sodomy and injection of Kedamine spree. You can tell from the polution of his eyeballs. He talks about wanting to recieve the seamen of Howard Schultz. He also can be heard saying that he has sex with old men (elites?) in a Buick Enclave. He recieves the message from Howard in an apple store (owned by a gay man). Not to mention this is all from Howard Schultz, a wealthy globalist... the verdict is almost certainly leftist domestic terrorism.