adventures in public access

the k.c. waters show

discovery: nov 21st, 2021

kc waters is a weird case, because the content of the discovery is wayyyy less interesting in comoparison to what we found outside it.
in short, the content found on mnn for kc waters is a slideshow while a guy who talks a little funny goes on a rant, the one we saw was union themed (which is awesome). the one i linked is about human kindness. but then we found his website.
a screenshot of a website, the background is a tile of a portrait of a bearded man by da vinci, text at the top says In the evening before you go to sleep - under the full moon, fill a glass with pure water and place it outside under the sweet rays of our magnificent moon. there is a photo of a rainbow spiral of some kind and a skewed picture of a padtel portrait of sojourner truth. there is texted cropped off that says Sojourner Truth''I did not run off, for I thought that wicked, but I walk
this website capture is only included to decorate this entry
the rest of his site is covered in scriptures and pieces of art. he only briefly links to his show, and we find out that he's actually based in asheville, north carolina! also, you can buy dvds of some of the episodes! boss! truly a wonderful place to go.
he links his youtube channel, where you promptly find out he's a deadhead, and then it all makes sense.

The Legend Rayford Faulkner

discovery: nov 5th, 2021

the thing about The Legend is we didn't find Him through His tv show, the unreal variety show, because that airs at 2am. we found his message in the live chat, from when his show was airing:

The Legend Rayford Faulkner is The ! KING!!
here's a photo of The Legend Rayford Faulkner:
a man with slicked back black hair, his face is covered in white powder, and he's wearing messy red lipstick as well as blue bedazzled sunglasses. he's doing a smug face
i don't have much to say on The Legend, cause He's from schenectady, and allegedly used to be on public access over there, but then moved operations to manhattan. and you can find tales about Him online from people in schenectady who have met and talked to Him irl. i leave you with this:


discovery: dec 27th, 2021

this is more of a movie review than anything, because like it says in the name, this is a straight up movie that happens to be on public access tv. it's directed by an mnn producer, irina jasnowski pascual.
mystical movie starts with a white woman in front of blue curtains, talking about how water and waves crashing together is all of time, and how the past and present and future are all the same. very twin peaksy. then, we see the following disclaimer: white text on a blue screen in all caps says the following: the captured images in the following presentation track a sonic body and its vibratory force. as such, the images eliminate boundries between past, present, and future. closed captioning is provided as necessary. black space has been allotted for blinking. peripheral viewership is welcome.
the thing about the blinking actually happens, by the way.
this movie is fucking incredible. my favorite aspect is that they straight up caption stuff that we can't hear, because sound is eternal. it's just really wonderful.

ijp and co did another show for mnn, arresti domiciliari, a variety show presented through the tv screen of an rv in an italian actress under house arrest's RV.

randy jones

discovery: xmas 2020

on christmas day 2020, i'm at my dad's old house, at the peak of my interest in public access surfing. and i see the vaguest title you could think of:

a screenshot of a tv schedule. the program is called my movie. the description says: this is an entertaining show that is good for everyone.

so naturally, this had to be invesitigated! me and april watched it when it aired that day at 3pm. as we watched it, we began to put the pieces together and realize what it was: a compilation of works by a man named randy jones.
randy is a comedian, writer, director, and actor. the content of my movie ranged far and wide, but i do remember some of it:

2 people stand next to each other. a bald black man with a pacifier in his mouth and a bib on. a black woman with a speech bubble above her head that says CAN LIFE GET ANY WORSE THAN THIS?

thankfully as we watched this film, i quickly found his youtube channel. the special aired again exactly 2 weeks later, which i then rewatched with spencer.
so, where is randy now? still on youtube. he's since did 2 reports on real ass shootings, a few freestyles (he says faggot in one of them!), a couple sick ass music videos, and this psa/comic book.


discovery: early jan 2020

sugarlipshow is a 3d cluster explosion for the brain. there is no simple way of putting it.
this is it: a 30 minute movie full of tangled fantasy narratives, uncontrollable 3d objects, bad greenscreen, and ripped silent hill assets.
to be honest, i wish i had more to say about this! but it really speaks for itself; if you don't wanna watch it, skip through it, you'll have seen enough.
sugarlipshow is a project by the jazz musician john guinn. here's something i found out almost instantly after trying to rabbithole into his creations! he's a fucking nazi. a single search of his name brings him up on a weird altright version of youtube, and the term sugarlipshow on youtube brings up a video of him advocating for grand wizard of the fucking kkk david duke for senate. anyway, he can eat shit. but i still think this video is pretty interesting.


discovery: early 2021

here's one thing about unarius. they're based in california, so it makes no sense for them to be on manhattan's public access network.
here's another thing about unarius: they're straight up a cult.
unarius is a science academy in el cajon, california that teaches the idea that all humans are psychics with past lives, the idea aliens have already communicated with us, and free energy. they also made some vibrant ass propoganda films in the 80s.

an older white woman covered in jewels, surrounded by rainbow stars.
still from the arrival, 1980

unfortunately, they don't show masterpieces like the arrival for free on mnn (you have to buy a dvd from them or from their vimeo. nobody wants to give their money to a cult, though). what is broadcasted is more like presentations.
the first one i saw was in the time mentioned with spencer, it was a bunch of people in chairs with some old white dude in a suit in front of a whiteboard. second time i saw unarius was maybe in november (it's 2021 rn), and was a presentation by ruth e norman, the founder who unarians believe to be the archangel uriel, talking about... maybe reincarnation? in front of stock videos of space and stuff. i honestly had such a hard time following her i can't remember anything.
in all honesty, covering the beauty of unarius can't be summerized in a personal report on what i've seen on mnn. you have to see their films for yourself.
a ufo rising off the ground, glowing with a strong iridescent light.