today i saw someone’s oc page and i was super surprised when i saw that one of their characters had joined isis. yeah, so i was like woah, what the fuck! and then i thought about it and how i said something to my friends about making my characters worse people and thought, wait, how is this different from that? so i was like, thinking about oc culture and how it’s reduced people’s characters and plotlines to like sitcoms, so i thought of the seinfeld metaphor:
jerry seinfeld is your friend and he comes up to you advice and says i have this story i'm writing, so you’re like let’s see it jerry, and jerry shows you, he has himself, elaine, george, kramer and you think thats great jerry but everyone’s on the same page, where does the conflict come in, there’s nothing your universe deems morally wrong. so he comes back and revises it, so now there’s newman, and he’s pure evil, fascist pedophile (keep in mind people thought nazis were long gone in the 80s) and you’re like jerry this is fucking overkill, dude! so he makes some revisions and comes back and now newman's just a republican, which was literally nothing in the 80s. so you sit jerry down, and you're like what is the plot of your story. and he goes it's just some people who talk to each other and live next to each other.
that's what oc culture is like today.
so what i'm trying to say is, if you want to write a story, everyone should be like, a little bit evil in some way, maybe not noticably but enough. and then the antagonist doesn't have to be evil incarnate, then you get some shit like that game where you just kill facists and the gameplay is boring. that's another thing i've noticed, is that to white goyim facists are just a strawman bad person. there's no thought to it to be completely honest, they just know that facists are bad so they say kill facists even though they're a 4chan deepdive away from becoming a facist.
back on track, the perfect show/story/universe for this situation is twin peaks, so i'm gonna use that.
every character in twin peaks is a bad person. that abusive boyfriend the waitress had was a bad person. laura palmer's dad was a bad person. even dale cooper and the police force and everyone are all bad people, because they work in law enforcement, and even laura's a bad person. nobody is safe in twin peaks. a lot of people don't think so, but it's true. a lot of people watch twin peaks and end up thinking "wow, dale cooper is the most morally sane person here, he's pure in comparison to the rot of this town." which isn't true, he's naive, but not innocent. and in twin peaks, it's not like everyone's the same amount of evil. some of them are a very innocent in comparison to others. so the question you're left with is, who's my favorite character in twin peaks? who's safe to like? and the answer is, whoever you liked before, but they're not perfect, because that's how it should be, that's how good writing works.