i’ve seen people doing the “if you say you never liked them/you’re not surprised about the jimmy urine thing you’re a piece of shit! stop trying to act like you’re better than anyone else!” act but like. this is different. this is mindless self indulgence. jimmy urine has spit out the n slur for years on years, and if that’s for some reason not enough, he’s made multiple references pedophilia before, not just from that pantyshot song, him and other people have labeled him a pedophile AND a nazi, he’s made references to the holocaust in a song, and that’s all ONLY if the repeated antiblackness wasn’t enough for you. so i don’t really feel bad for anyone who’s only now condemning jimmy urine. if it takes full blown pedophilia to be acknowledged by a major press and a legal team, look into your heart, because while the majority of stuff i just said wasn't well known among msi fans, the antiblackness definitely was.
so ask yourself, if you were stil a mindless self indulgence fan before the pedophilia stuff dropped, why is antiblackness not a problem for you? why did you excuse it? if your answer is some ""shock rock"" bullshit, examine that. what's shock rock and what's racism? how do you think black kids who wanna be ""edgy"" (racist) like their white friends are? god. the thing is, mindless self indulgence has never even labeled themselves as shock rock. they were just saying the n word, but even if they DID label themselves like that it would still be racist! a lazy excuse to get jimmy urine's unwanted commentary on race, because that's what it was defended as, "jimmy urine's hot take on how white guys wanna be black now ", THAT SOUNDS FUCKING FAMILIAR JAMES!
the thing is, he never apologized, for anything, ever. it's not like if he did it would make it any better. but he wrote a song in 2018 about how "everyone did stupid shit! (in jimmy's case, fucking little girls and saying the n slur)" it doesn't serve as an apology, but an arrogant proclaimation on how... people don't like him because he's a bad person. wow. mindblowing. and you know what? that's the only time he's addressed ANY of that.
that being said, i hope every mindless self indulgence song gets pulled from every possible streaming platform. i hope if jimmy urine is not found guilty, he kills himself, and it's slow and painful. i hope he rots in prison far away from his wife who's 13 years younger than him, not that she's by any means a good person, and i hope that anyone who still likes him and his shitty band grows up to see how disgusting and covered in pus it all was. as an abolitionist, i sincerely hope this old bastard dies in jail.