can we speak about the first male to male collision of the 21st century? probably not, cause time is everything and so is penetration but not time. the liquid plastic melted on a hard cage. a magic bedazzled skeleton was found on the scene of the puppet show last week. all portals are melded crayon pvds. the super sadistic satanic revival of the 2010s went a little something like this:
- RONALD and RUSSELL were sitting in their parked off road NISSAN, between them was a large stack of undeveloped polaroids; they shook each one but every time it came out as a photo of something good: a photo of Billy Harrington flexing in a speedo on set. they'd toss it to the side and hope for something different but it was always him, never the new inspiration for the album they wanted to happen. it also turned them both on but you don't say that kind of shit to your brother
MEANWHILE, the fetus in marylin manson's brain grew too much so it fractured his skull and he died.