intro: digital ""ownership"" is the death of ownership

with the rise of the digital age, movies and tv shows are no longer a thing of tangibility. you pay for netflix, you pay for hulu, you pay for hbo, you pay for disney, you pay for nbc, you pay for mubi, you pay for criterion channel, you pay for amazon prime, you pay for fxx, you pay for starz. rather than paying for cable, for the price of a smaller screen and the chance of any media getting pulled at any moment, you can now finally pay for every channel individually again. you can pay for access and watch the new show until it's pulled, your favorite movie until it loses value, but you can thankfully just subscribe to another platform with either of those.

you can do the same for music now too! in the palm of your hand, you have access to all your favorite songs (if said musician has put it on streaming services) for x dollars at a time (unless they pull some stunt and take their music down). it's really wonderful.

however, if for whatever reason, you feel the need to pull out, you can't afford it, it's too much- your access is gone. your ability to absorb media is gone. digital ownership is a circumstancial illusion. we need tangibility- media tangibility.

how to burn your own dvds

you will need:


making the dvd

a simple dvd with no menu can be done by opening dvdstyler to a project without a template, dragging your movie in, and going to options > dvd and setting the first play commands to jump title 1. this is perfect for single, full movies with no special features.

however if you do want a menu, dvdstyler has customizable templates or you can build one from scratch. this is better for tv series compilations.

how to burn your own cds

you will need:


for mac

  1. on itunes, make a playlist of the files in the order you want them in- if it's an album, make a playlist only consisting of the album in order (right click > add to playlist)
  2. with the cd in your drive, right click and select "burn playlist to disc"

for windows

  1. on windows media player, click the burn tab, select burn options, and then select audio cd
  2. with the cd in your drive, make a burn list by dragging the items you want to the right.
  3. then click "start burn".