david's halloween journal

october 18th 2021


ok so i'm excited right now i'm gonna make a page for all my projects in progress but i'd like to see if this works: a sync between geogaddi by boards of canada and the wicker man (1973 vers). i've been looking into it and there's some minor things i've noticed in the album alone, but also looking at bocpages shows that geogaddi is about a ritual more or less. the whole fucking wicker man movie is about a ritual! it's in the name! so i'm really excited for this, i'm gonna have april watch it vanilla with me later and then text it with me some time this week. i have so much shit to do it's piling up haha

october 1st 2021


i'm excited to get coffee. it's october! it's halloween! how fucking great is that! i still have to finish cleaning up this new page design. also i hate my bed. it's fucking folded in half right now. not elaborating


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