holocaust 2

the secondun started on a sabbath.
i thought i had no reason to be so sad, my folks were scared. i was excited because i had already wanted to be dead.
well they took away my checkered belt and my MSI MP3s. and i tried to cry in front of them to make them feel bad for me, but they really didn't crack. so we started getting tochured and online frogfaces said it was fake, it was a puppet show so they'd feel sorry for us, and it sure as hell wasn't working. see, i didn't know what was wrong with us to make this happen to begin with. they called us like we were kings before they got us.
first they killed my older brother. then my mom and dad who i had dreamed about killing before but didn't really mean it. so i smiled and acted like i was into it. they took me and a bunch of my Peers to a room and flooded us with poison air.
i smiled big and scary and rollesd my eyes back hoping they were watching us and i'd get freaked out. then it started to hurt me.