dear neoheads:
it's been about 3 years since i've set up my website. i never expected that it would get as... popular as it did. i have somewhat established my failures to update this page the way i used to. but it with a heavy heart i must announce that i want to be a serious filmmaker. when i apply for grants and stuff they ask for your website. and i don't want to pay for a new domain name alongside this one. do you see what i'm getting at?
i appreciate this culture a lot. i won't be deleting this site completely- i will be trimming it to the best of my abilities (deleting pages and files i never used anywhere) and putting it in an archival envelope. you who have browsed the musings of my inner life from a few years back will be treated to a slightly less fun professional front, but still have access to the site in full as it stands. when i do this stuff i'll post the link here.