hi, some notes on the future of this site:
because that sounds like i'm shutting it down, i'm totally not, so let's get that out of the way.
the thing is i've gotten a lot of followers on here (presumably people who discovered neocities post elontwt) which is cool.
i've taken my discord off my site (although it lives forever on wayback so whats the point) but i kinda dont like having it up anymore. if you've contacted me don't worry you've not done anything to offend me or anything i just don't like having my discord out when i never use this site anymore. i'm keeping this site up with the name transgender money until i can think of something better to do with it or have the energy to change everything. this isn't really a surrendering of neocities this is more like an indefinite hiatus. we'll meet again and all.
it feels like a betrayal to say this but my main social media is tumblr, it has been since i was 11 and it'll probably always be tumblr whether i like it or not. it functions as a pictorial commonplace book for me which i like. my tumblr (if you'd like to see it) is blabsabbathlathofmaiden. i microjournal, reblog art i like, and try to post my own art.
you can also look me up on youtube, i believe my official "handle" (new gay thing theyre trying to push) is davidleo0. i post my video art/movies there. also wisteria (my dog in my enter page) passed away a little over a month ago now. i'm not taking her out of it because i can't bring myself to do that. bye bye for now neocities. i'll miss your ability to type in multiple lines at once when holding the command key...