june 27th 2022

beck funded a weird ass movie by a guy who sucked at making movies. he played half the characters and eventually it turned into dune. i remember thinking he looked super girly in it.

may 26th 2022

eric came over. then a guy who was referred to as my grandpa who isn't actually my grandpa died. my mom came in and got mad about even though i was telling her he had just walked into my room. i tried to take a photo because he was just sitting in a chair. i went to a weird store and got a copy of propaganda by sparks on cd there for 8 dollars. when i left there was a huge line of women behind me. i accidentally shaved most of my head with a microblade.

may 23rd 2022

david byrne started dating lana del ray and was called out for that & his "bipolar persona being an act". everybody's coming to my house was playing as i found this out.

may 20th 2022

i was watching what i thought was swiss army man but it was totally different with the same actors. it was called lover and it was mostly paul dano hallucinating daniel radcliffe as a boyfriend.

may 19th 2022

danny devito was running for mayor he had 2 goons and his policies would directly effect my dad's housing sitaution in a bad way.

may 14th 2022

i was at a banquet of some kind with literally everyone possible + more made up on my moms side of the family, at long long tables. some guys were there and they knew more about movies than me and they showed me weird animation programs and like 3 versions of nowhere on letterboxd, one was japanese and one was vr. also there was a closet that had whatever i wanted in it so i did drag as a pokemon character that doesnt exist irl. and my mom talked at me about our green walls. and my stepsibling was coming over.

april 28th 2022

high school. rainbow transmasc symbol stretched to a gigabyte. aunt cheryl.

april 28th 2022

weird cat themed cult with a pink world and lots of stairs. luke was there. vhs thrift sale by the cult, found them on etsy.

april 27th 2022

i had 2 phones and a lot of money and a small vertically rectangular fuzzy white bag to keep it in.

april 22nd 2022

i made a movie with all the people from my new one but it was my editing teachers house and the doors were vents and i lost my shoe.

april 16th 2022

i was trying to work with this popular youtuber, have him be gay in a movie i was making. i saw concert footage of sparks from the 90s. it was beautiful.

april 14th 2022

i collected phones and cassette tapes.

april 13th 2022

john waters was doing work study at my school. it was like, costume stuff. he was a cunt.

april 7th 2022

i met 90s beck and he showed me comics he drew and i realized we could've lived in a timeline where he was a famous outsider artist, kinda like daniel johnston. then i saw russell mael on some runway where he was wearing one of those mesh all over printed long sleeved shirts.

april 6th 2022

i saw the woman who play's cheryl dunye's best friend in the watermelon woman, then cheryl dunye. there was a screening of the watermelon in a big glass building, and it was somehow french. i wanted to go in, but then saw a black gay guy my age really excited to see it, so i felt bad and got out of line.

april 5th 2022

we moved to a hotel. i was at some sort of prison facillity with my family, not imprisoned, just there. it was christmas. there was a couple, both nonbinary, and one was imprisoned. as a consequence of being in prison, they couldn't have real kids together, so they opted for something called plantoplasty. it was pregnancy but there was a plant instead of a fetus. the prisoner was buried half underground in soil, and the plant had already started shooting out of their shoulder. they said they liked how warm it felt inside.

april 4th 2022

i caught a cab for a place i couldve walked to. there were 3 people in it in a circle. one of them was anthony fantano. he asked me something, but i looked at him too long and he knew i knew who he was. when i got to my destination, a cis guy walked with me through a church as a shortcut.

march 4th 2022

i was stressed making a movie in an all blue room that i was acting in and changing in and out of costumes for. then i cut myself on something so hard that the skin on my index finger had to be held on, it was split down the middle and sliding off.

febuary 27th 2022

i was on the subway with clementine? susan and april and my bubbe took pills to me their boobs and asses bigger. i took the boob pill. i was in a school with people i knew from high school, as well as eric and spencer and hex. class was like a roblox game that led me to some guy's house. he had cool vhs tapes and told me he knows susan but she thinks he's annoying. i accidently picked up a diary that said kys on it so some girl gave me a note telling me to kill myself because it was his diary then i left. then i went to school and saw spencer and he had the tails of his eyebrows shaved off. he also had a tattoo of a sentence in an analog clock font above his right eyebrow and a big red stamp on his forehead that said HACKER. i then publically made amends with friends who i had a bad falling out with and announced how testosterone has changed my genetalia. then someone told everyone that one of my professors had been secretly writing notes on all his students, and mine said "type: gay monster. fat, recognizes the houses, nine inch nails, doesn't know the talmud". and i also accidentally ruined some kid's britpop shrine with water. also gregg araki changed his name to plu araki to avoid press.

febuary 20th 2022

i gave a homeless guy 5 dollars, i later found out he was not homeless and in the wham city comedy discord server.

january 29th 2022

shelf delerium. paul dano volunteered at a local movie club because he knew nobody would recognize him. he gave me this lense to look at the statue of liberty through to make it look like a wicker man.

january 24th 2022

susan made another tumblr that was just like, fashion instead of updating her blog and it made me so mad. i got entered into an irl pokemon merging experience so i actually was there when it happened.

january 22th 2022

me and my dad got kicked out of my grandparents house and just had to hide places for awhile.

january 15th 2022

the gay couple i catsit for had a daughter they made in pokemon and it freaked me out.

january 10th 2022

travelled multiverse with nicolaus braun.

january 9th 2022

miscelanious shopping trip with my dad, spencer, and my cousin, maybe a few others. i got a bag of eggs that hatched cute little baby mice but it was very fast and i was scared that they would fall into some sort of cut on me and then hatch like that little boy with the snails. my dog ate a grape and got sick in a cartoon way (turned green).

january 8th 2022

april wanted to make a movie with a lot of people in the neighborhood we lived in, it was mostly pink. i went to the website for it. there were a couple ads and a crt theme, but the crt thing became a target and started eliminateing chunks of he website. then i went to my grandparents house unexpectedly. i showed up and pulled a hatch open that was apparently the fireworks emergency hatch. that exploded the garage if i pulled it, but it got turned off after and everyone was mad at me. then i made some weird pink cupcakes on the phone with my dad (my bubbe corrected me, and said the mix was for cookies) and they came out with frosting, weirdly small, and verically stuck together.
my second cousin was there and told me to clean her sister's watch as a present (she doesn't have a sister in real life) so i went out to the city to do it. i was walking down the street and turned around because i had dropped my phone. there was a blue empty version of my phonecase, and then a little boy getting my phonecase off my phone. i ran and chased him across the street into a car and his mom was driving and i say your son stole my phone! and she’s like what! say you’re kinda sexy and offers to have me motorboat her in front of her son as punishment.she drives me to a red indrustial building where i do the watch cleaning stuff. some guy who looks kinda like binging with babish but is definitely a sitcom actor is there. i acidently give them my deadname instead of my real name. the watch is encased in a plastic case with a zip tie. the guy had a watch with a blade for zip ties built in. you use a cotton ball and some grainy wet oatmeal like stuff to clean the watch. i looked up times new roman on google inages, and then they showed me the sophie font. they were worried about the engraving machine leaving marks. there were figures of cats with hands over their shoulders handing them stuff that resembled a jerma emote called "george" because they were taken from 1984 by george orwell.

january 1st 2022

someone venmoed me $1,550 for "autism blue". i tried to kill a cat on purpose.

december 30th 2021

cheryl dunye released a new movie but the tickets were all like 100 dollars. and my mom and stepdad were gonna go to see it in washington but also got to see a cheaper version of it. and it was the 3 of us and the seats were like. it was like =| and the equals sign was the seats but we were facing each other instead of the movie. and it was jeweltoned red and blue and cheryl dunye was in it. also the movie was actually a play but it was a dream so still was a movie. like very theatery bullshit, weird constumes, audience participation. after it ended i told my mom i don't wanna go to washington just to see it and she went to a giant cash register and got a refund for my ticket. then i sat on the floor and watched a preview for like a reboot of phineas and ferb but the only character who said anything was candace and everyone online was talking about her boobs. then for some reason even though at that point i wasn't going to washington anymore and went into an airport lobby and saw spencer hanging out with 2 way taller versions of his friends that i cut off and there was also some little trans boy who had a red hoodie and like a pinkish justin bieber 2010 haircut and we all walked to the gate together but they seperated out both me and that kid and this lady at the gate said "are both your last names (my mother's last name)?" and he said something that amounted to no, and i said no that's my mom's last name. and then she said "you're transgender, what's your name?" and i said "my name? like my name on there might be (deadname)" and then she said "i'm transgender and that's a beautiful name i love hearing people's old names. what's your old name?" i go "(deadname)" and she goes "that's so beautiful. what's your new name?" "david... sorry i know it's pretty disappointing." but she's still smiling so i leave and go back to the theater and my mom and stepdad are watching the movie-play again so i squeeze into the front row and i'm next to a guy in my class and he has his laptop out and he's updating his neocities page (that he doesn't have in real life). and this time around my mom and stepdad go for the audience participation which involves heavy special effects makeup so after this show it takes them a while to get it off so i walk outside and there's cheryl dunye just moving stuff around and i start helping her and she's says thanks! and i say no problem. and after i while i say you know i really liked the watermelon woman can i get a picture and we take it and she's very nice and for some reason i give her (or it's something we had to move) this old bubble mailer that has nowhere printed somewhere on the label and i remember thinking "she must be weirded out cause she doesn't make stuff like nowhere anymore" which is weird cause almost directly after that i thought about how i'd probably never get to meet gregg araki. then i went out to a car and got in the backseat and there was a customizion screen for a liscence plate and it was made of wood and i just put a little japanese dog unicode emoji on it. then i found out it was for my car.

december 12th 2021

death grips started releasing new music but only for a skincare (makeup?) product called jesse. they posted a bunch of ads for it and a music video that was them but andy morin was like in makeup and had long hair.

december 11th 2021

i was touring schools. this guy i know who's just like me bought me kfc and got mad when i refused it.

november 26th 2021

i was at a weird dusty dark market on a ship in russia. my boss was there wandering around aimlessly. megadeth and david byrne were playing paralel to each other. someone was selling dvds but only ones that started with j-m. morrissey was also there selling stuff. i looped around it a couple times. i bought megadeth incense that came in a little cork bottle.

november 22nd 2021

ship with layers of rainbow goop. caroline kopko was there. i watched her make movies. the blue layer was the sea and the green layer was weed. i had to hold a jellyfish and trim its tendrils. when it was all over there was a letterboxd tower, and a girl was mad at me in the beginning.

august 19th 2021

we all had to put up poles wrapped in a ribbon with an achievement written on it. this one guy had been through different dimensions with his family (it's kinda like a plane) and also got a haircut from a kid who wanted to be punk. we were outside a building in harlem.

august 14th 2021

it was my birthday and i was in a big empty rectangle room and there were 2 hallways and on the left one i saw that spencer and mika were trying to do something nice for me but i found out they were dating. then this girl jean (who i know in real life) was there and led me to the right one where you could meet any musician; my dad was also there in the musician portal and he got ice cream

august 13th 2021

me and my dad got tickets to see nine inch nails and death grips (seperately). we went to see nin and at first we were in this balcony, and some guy (who i was mutuals with on tumblr, mostly posted about death grips) was like check this out it's a year of the snitch cup! and he showed it to us and it just had a beagle fully printed on it. and after that, we got lower and got a better view of the stage, it was just treznor walking around and telling the crowd to do something, and i remember thinking "anything for you my 5'6 princess" and then he had some videos of stuff in the background but i wandered too far to the side and saw this big presentation in a stadium that's visuals were people in red and white gym/sports locker room stuff. i walked towards it and turned back to go see nin but i kept seeing the red and white stuff and wandered outside with my dad and there was a beautiful sunset and we were behind a giant old-style neon sign that said "THE HAGEN DAS GAY STADIUM". but then someone was like here and pointed at it for me and it was right. and then there was this pit full of all sorts of trash in the center, but it wasn't a very big audience, this middle aged blonde lady with a cane who i assumed to be trent's wife showed me a hairless cat and threw it in the trash pit. then she gave me her cane. i got an ask from the 5'6 princess guy telling me i'm lucky to see an nyc show cause they all suck. the show ended and everyone had to pick up trash. we all unanimously thought it sucked.

august 12th 2021

i was at my high school, it was very late at night. i was with spencer, a boy i knew in real life named raymond, and a boy who looked exactly like nathan brexton in nowhere. we were in a yard outside surrounded by barbed wire fences, we all had our backpacks on the floor in front of us. and i had to meet spencer in some different enclosure, it was bright green, glowing

bright yellow green.

i remember talking to this girl i spoke to in middle school, her name was lelani. i don't remember what we talked about, but we did so in the enclosure. i went back to the barbed wire area outside the glowing place, and around back to a bunch of tables to grab 2 credit cards and a set of keys which i left in a group of people without them being stolen. that's where i saw nathan brexton.

august 10th 2021

i was looking through an artist i like (not a real artist just made up for the dream) and saw they drew diaper fetish art of one of my characters, there was a roach in my room then it was gone and i turned on my leds but the app was formatted weird, azealia banks was involved at one stage

august 9th 2021

the movie hackers was based on a tv show, and i saw some of the episodes. all i remember from it was angelina jolie's character did a lot of climbing/parkour stuff, and matthew lillard's character was the same but with blond braids and wearing a pink longsleeve polyester crop top.

august 6th 2021

i just watched all of mysterious skin and it was about like a typical group of gregg araki teens getting into shit, it started out at a small apartment with strict parents getting shot up by said parents and they all die one by one throughout the movie and then the only 2 left are joseph gordon levit and some girl and then the blonde kid shows up and they thought he was dead but then he grows big like bug type arms out of his forehead and sticks them into the girls forehead and sucks all her blood and he takes them out and little bugs are crawling out of the holes he made in her forehead and i was like hmmm this isnt as good as nowhere and then i woke up

july 4th 2021

in my dream last night eric was showing me photos of celebrities we like during their college graduation and one of them was nathan fielder pretransition (he was a trans man in the dream)

june 14th 2021

i lived across from a glass building and the lady i could see from my floor was a middle aged lady with big statues of cartoon character ladies with big boobs and a middle aged man came in her room and they started fucking on an exercise bike. then eric stayed the night (i know because i had to fill out a card that said june (day) - june (day) and i wrote eric on it

june 12th 2021

nathan fielder was gay and said the n word

may 30th 2021

i watched scream and it was about matthew lillard's character going through a huge family trauma, he had purple eyes and i remember him slathering jesso on his eyebrows. i also remember seeing blue and purple imac g3 wallpapers. there was a school that was dimly lit and looked undecorated. just tables and chairs and one small window.

may 27th 2021

april was there and we met up with my old friend who max he was like a ryan trecartin character and he showed us his blog and then death grips had there 20th anniversary concert but they were all in prison and looked way different and andy morin wasn't there but like some east asian dude with a fade and a hoodie and also i had to take a test but the test was on homestuck and the guy who made homestuck was there watching us also it was like a roblox obby and when i failed i had to take it again

may 18th 2021

lemon demon released a song in the point of view of seymour the tapir about how he hates earthquakes. i remember being on the genius page for it and all the lyrics were in all caps dark purple times new roman with a stroke of black and a stroke of white over that. the album cover was a baby tapir facing forward with his legs spread just a little too far out in a little yellow backroom. and the only lyrics i can remember is CAN THE EARTH STOP ROLLING PLEASE! which was the climax of the song and also the word rolling was like moving and jiggling on the page. and then after that on repeat was the like S-U-S-M-A-M-G (on the lyrics it was spelled as "major success")/ THATS HOW ITS ALL GOING FOR ME and we were trying to get my brother to do an alternative cover

april 12th 2021

i hosted a show on mnn and i put jerma in drag and interviewed him and i was like ok dude pick whatever you want from my closet and he took my milf shirt but nothing else i have anything irl and he was like im going for like a y2k trashy milf look and i just stared at him and then looked into the cameras and pointed back at him anyway he looked fine. i kept trying to ask about what he thought about the ending of eraserhead but i don’t remember what it was so

march 31st 2021

i was watching tv and david byrne and brian eno were on and at some point they just started making out on a big sort of parade float

march 25th 2021

i was at thanksgiving with my family and travis mcelroy was there because in this dream he’s my cousin or something and i avoided talking to him and then he electrocuted himself wearing a vr headset in front of everyone as a form of self harm because he felt so bad for what he did. and my mom took care of him and we were helping him recover

january 22nd 2020

i had a family gettogether, and it was it was all in a very small brownstone. it was fun, my family respected my name and my pronouns, and we were all in this weird little old apartment, apparently it was mattie's appartment, debby was still there. it was like one huge carpeted thing with a few little celler doors. she had 4 huge work computers and she let me go on them and make weird art. we all sat in a circle and went around and like said something and everybody was wearing really cool clothes and there was a shirt i wanted to steal for eric. everyone got turned into fetuses again and were in weird protective eggshells and we had to fix it. then i went on a date with some guy from my writing class and he treated me as a girl.

july 30th 2019

a bunch of people are training, notably a girl labelled as 42. it seems intense, something they’ve been working up to for all their lives. lemon demon? anyway, there’s a bearded woman in a fur coat giving a lecture on something. suddenly, i’m hanging in between glass panels of the clear building we’re in. she catches me, i’m scared out of my mind. she mentions something about my uncle. i’m confused before i see another person hanging from the ceiling. it’s none other than the youtuber thought slime. they appear disheveled before rescuing me. sirens blare.

april 30th 2019

dale cooper (in real life, not on tv) came out as nonbinary to his wife and kids

march 28th 2019

me, my mom and stepdad, my dog and eric moved into a house, which is weird because i live in an apartment. that's not relevant, that's mostly setting. the arg part starting wasn't very clear in my head. i believe that it felt as if we were being stalked. it could be that i was getting messages from an unknown number or an unknown instagram page, it was definitely via my phone. similar to dpf, eric soon revealed that it was all an arg. the next clear event made the plot clear. it was a sort of "music festival" that took place in me and eric's new shared room. i say music festival loosely because it was just a group of random people, including myself?, that all had plans to play original music. there was a projector screen and a projector near the "stage" (our bed). it had pictures of the musicians lined up to play, and their names in white text at the bottom of the images. something i remember in particular was a girl who was performing with her mother. she was an aryan looking, xian girl, and so was her mom. i don't remember their performance, just their their image on the board: to the left of the text with their act name, in a messy bright red font, was either a random number or random roman numeral. whenever i looked away, this number would change. the next event is the last one i can recover that's relevant to the supposed arg. on instagram, the account that i was sure belonged to the person that was sending me messages. they posted about a baptism, and how we should go. another thing was that eric (despite being the dev) told me before they left to set up the baptism mentioned there was a box of stuff from the man in our backyard. i woke up before i go to see this. i just remember going to the baptism. i woke up before it started as well.

october 7th 2018

i was watching a john mulaney standup show on tv and he said “so i’m a dumb slut”

september 27th 2018

i had a hot pink car, i pulled up to a house with no back wall, the left half was white and the right half was pink and black striped, the door was pink, it was set to be mine for 1 night. there was a man who said he was my dad and threatened to turn into a rabbit person and a shitty cafe. as soon as i walked behind the house there i was at a mindless self indiulgence concert, it took place at an abandoned college campus under a cloudy sky, jimmy urine called me a few slurs. we had to draw on black paper with these special glowing white crayola markers. there was these two guys i was talking to at the crowd at the msi show, cause i guess we could do other stuff too, and one of them was an asshole and the other guy was this black guy in his 40s telling us about the struggle he went through seeing his friends go to jail or get killed. he then got arrested for talking about that, suddenly we were at a grocery store? and after that i got so pissed i decided to drive my hot pink car into the grocery store. the man who wanted to turn into a rabbit thought i was his son, a conventionally handsome straight white blonde man with a 3 year old daughter and a dead wife, he wanted me to sell drugs and the said guy worked at like an office i guess. before that i was at a very warped version of my grandparents house and fiorello was there and alive, as was my mom’s friend’s dog who never died. i facetimed my dad to show him and he didnt really care. like he was amazed but not as much as you could be when dogs come back to life.

may 17th 2018

i dressed up as tommy wiseau for celebrity day at school

febuary 2nd 2018

i was on some talk show prank thing and i was in a taxi and the driver was blasting brockhampton and he was like "you know these guys" and i was like "yeah im actually seeing them in concert soon" and the driver took off his sunglasses he was wearing for no reason in the dead of winter and he said "thats fucking sick" and it was matt champion


megadeth incense (november 26th 2021)

sign for the hagen dazs gay stadium (august 13th 2021)

the year of the snitch cup (august 13th 2021)

neil cicirega song about sandsvendor100 (may 18th 2021)

shirt i wanted to steal for eric (january 22nd 2020)