playing the mouth game both separate but totally divine in nature slicking sluck oral wires down His or Her neck capitalizing delusion when i speak
i sleep in vines and in fires on cartho-gasoline drift. obsessing over the rock and rollers i failed to breed stuck sputtering tales reusing the genders with not one i can show my father in good faith.
it's a good thing people from life don't eat this up because i would be dead gone dead how's this for a story marsh
FRANK ZAPPA with TITS, sucking DICK- more at six. see it's a whole easytodothing. AI was a very beautiful movie but that did not make it any good says the swollened arkened broadhipped man. how am i supposed to be ashamed of my tits/pussy when there's more pressing matters pressing into my fears
a. there are bugs over my head
b, i need hydrocortizone
(the next morning)
this morning i saw a yellow green circle with a wood cross in the middle and it started flaking away to reveal a blinding bright light in the shape of a C layered over it. this was unavoidable, as this was when i closed my eyes.