a cut out of weed sticker with the face of a takashi murakami flower on the ground a tv screen behind a store front that shows teeth and says results of veneers a lock of hair bolted to a wall a red chalk drawing of miffy the bunny with the text I LOVE MIFFY a carton of mcdonalds fries spilled across a wet sidewalk a sleeve for a vinyl record that says fun at the circus and shows children at a circus in a 50s illustrative style a flyer that reads in black comic sans: sweet angel..a wood box couldn't contain vibrate..through the night sky..even the stars watch you walk on by..a trace of love embraced..across the moons face..fixtated on each step..saviouring each bite..what a pleasure for my sight..locked in my memory..we share an energy..photoconetic..locked in words..cause i said these seems strange..i rearrange....a new fill my heart..the propels..where its sending me..deep in space..the room to intergate..static connections... My warp perceptions...I step into a dimension...there's three sides..there's three I's...I live within the the center of it all..I watch the universe revolve a coloring page of hatsune miku colored to make her look like the joker a cover for a sega saturn game called edy & disy cubic gallery. there's a brown brick background, 2 white men, one is thin and wearing a fedora, the other is fat in a sherlock holmes getup a white chihuahua in a blue kippah with a matching tallit. black text to his right reads charles our model is a 7 lb chihuahua and he is wearing a size x small. next to the text is 3 more of the same photo of charles scaled down a paper figure of the pokemon porygon on a wooden floor with a white wall behind him. a finger is holding his head up a transluscent shower curtain with 2 hearts, one light pink and one dark pink, some white stars and a purple circle. it says have a nice time in small pink text, then it reads heart full time, when i see you,it calms my heart... you are my most precious treasure! a zoomed in low quality photo of connor o'malley, a white man with neon yellow eyes, he's grinning deviously and his face is covered entirely in blood a labador puppy holding an ornament of the earth with a red bow on it. there are snowflakes around him a blue display card for a mosquito zapper. it has a photo of the zapper and shows uses for it in small circles with arrows pointing back to it. it says in white text, electron go out mosquito small a night lamp a statue of an angry looking man with a beard and his mouth open on the side of a building a zoomed in photo of beck, a white man with short blonde hair, looking to the side