if you don't like what i have to say in this article i am a jewish man and of doing it to bitterness of performative goyim rather than in a guy who doesn't like diversity in video games type of way. if this leaves a bad taste in your mouth i am probably talking about you.

the nazi for goyische convience is a phenomenon i've seen in modern leftist media + leftist arguments. it consists of someone who is largely uneffected by nazism, such as a white gentile person, reverting to a nazi as an ultra big bad strawman.

the strawman example, i can best think of it through the game "EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER", a game where you kill nazis. this is straight up the only thing that happens in the game, and therefore a prime example of the nazi strawman. i do not know if the creator of this game is jewish or romani or white. in all honesty, i would be surprised if they were. the way nazis are handled in this game is nothing special: they are there to say racist things to your character and get killed. they don't have names, they don't have sprites. it makes you think, do they deserve those things? but it unfolds when you examine this that nazis are placeholders for a complex villian, airdropped in by someone who wouldn't have to deal with the violent consequences in an interaction with a nazi real life. it is, least offensive, bad story telling: you do not think about why you are against the villian because they are the worst thing possible. it is, most offensive, a prime example of white gentile leftism: other people's oppression as an evil for your fetishization.
in my younger and more vulnerable years, i might've seen a pop punk looking white guy with a shirt that said "good night alt right", and felt a sense of safety, a sense of wanting to let them know i'm jewish, that made me feel very good to see. i'm jaded now, and to see that same man is to know that shirt is a meaningless guesture, not even for poc or jewish people or romani people, for his leftist white gentile friends who may not give him more than a smack on the hand if he were to say something bigoted. the truth is, it is never in support of us, never uplifting us, and what good does that do.