a lot of the time i think of the question, "is it better for the lgbt community than it was 30 years ago?" and a lot of people would say, yes, absolutely. they think about marsha or a gay man who died of aids reviving for a split second to see the lgbt rights americans have now, and say, "wow, it's beautiful," before falling over dead again. what they would not see, of course, was what led up to this whateverness we live in now, which is: rainbow capitalism.
the acceptance of a gay and/or trans person into this system, as a functioning part of capitalism, when in reality, we never asked for this. yes, totebag/t shirt that says the first pride was a riot on it and all that, whatever. gays weren't asking for target merchandise with a slur that get hurled at them regularly emboldened on it, "recontextualized" by the heterosexual marketing team, they were asking for reagan to stop ignoring the dead bodies of them, their friends and lovers piling up. trans women weren't asking for gender neutral "whatever" signs over customers only starbucks bathrooms, they were asking to stop being arrested for existing in public. there are gays who ignore this.
there are a good, non-zero amount of gays (usually white, cisgender manfags who are slaves to their repsective hags and baby yoda merchandising) who are fine with our current exploitation level. sometimes gay celebrities, of any variety, will partner with corporations to market themselves as a symbol that this brand supports us cocksuckers, buy from it.