i think pc culture exists, but it’s not like sjw cancel culture or whatever people are trying to sell it as now. pc culture is that bob and sally are friends even though one’s a dem and ones a republican picture. the rebranding of binary ideals to be marketable to majorities. back in the day, a john waters movie was not politically correct. and it still isn’t, because it presents an image of gayness that isn’t clean cut. the 2 party system, the gender binary, even religion, philosophy, as long as it’s presentable as a product, it’s one or the other. so, to not be pc: isn’t shouting racial slurs, because that has been marketed. it is refusing whatever clean category they dig out for you: say you’re nonbinary. then there’s not just f and m, but also x. there’s no in between. and maybe it’s nice that they’re recognizing it, but they’re using it against you. any new category, specification, will be weaponized.