david's journal

august 29thth 2021


so i moved in! jesus. i met my roommate, they seem nice (they are putting up bts posters and stuff right now) i just had some early early dinner (it was good thank you dinner) and um... thats it. i feel weird. like really fucking weird ^_^

august 26th 2021


i haven't posted here in fucking forever! i just got breakfast and decided to eat it outside while making eye contact with this columbia freshman cottagecore girl. i wasn't very good at eating food. or drinking my coffee. i'm high rn and last night we went on omegle and fucked with some people. today.... i don't know what. i think actually i'm gonna go to my dad's and dye some t shirts. or at least try to. my body insides feel crazy rn... bye

august 23rd 2021


today i'm gonna try to do my friends page even though not everyone i want on there has submitted their things, which is fine because i love it

august 22nd 2021


last nite i made a button archive site... it's not like other ones though. this is ORGANIZED!!! YAAAY it's this yaaaay. i also have to go to work in an hour despite a huge storm hurling at me :( maybe i'll get my mom to say no for me

august 21st 2021


i can't think about cryptocurrency and nfts without getting super hyper sad thinking about global warming and shit. we're all doomed. WE'RE TOTALLY FUCKING DOOMED!!!!!!!!!

august 21st 2021


watching jerma dollhouse rn! gonna spend the rest of the day making buttons for my about + index, i'll also probably make an enter/disclaimer page soon. i also got some posters made for my dorm i'm so.... not hyped for moving into my dorm. we'll probably be able to hear each other piss. whatever. here's the posters:

said posters. glossier in person.

august 20th 2021


i'm getting my teeth fixed FOR REAL today. also i still don't know if my dad has covid or not. i've been on with april and susan since the morning and i feel like my boss is gonna call me at some point but she still hasn't which is nice.

august 19th 2021


im officially the busiest guy in the world. i'm out to go to college and havent done any of my summer homework and yet i still voluntarily gave myself 4 billion sites and videos to work on. yeowch.

august 19th 2021


just did the secret page. lets see who finds it. toby told me she'd have me run her some errands earlier but i really don't feel like it. i'm just waiting to see if my dad has covid or not. and my boob hurts.

august 18th 2021


did some housekeeping over here today, probably gonna have to work tomorrow. who knows. i'm not that tired and i still need to brush my teeth and stuff. fuck mosquitos btw. i have a bite right next to my tearduct. also i need to think of what i want for my birthday, it's in 10 days now

august 18th 2021


the nowhere page is finally finished! me and eric are now watching the jerma dollhouse stream

august 16 2021


eric is pissing and taking forever. i wanna show him the video april made. i woke up at like 4

august 15 2021


today i had a blunt rotation with basically the entirity of my mom's side of the family (2/3 of my cousins, my uncles, my mom, my grandpa) and eric. yippie

august 15 2021


so today's the trip. i've still barely packed, and eric's coming this morning now because he flaked out on me yesterday. i'm just waiting for my mom and stepdad to wake up so i can dig out my travel bag without being afraid of a cockroach fucking jumping at me. sorry i zoned out for a second i was thinking about my complicated relationship with david bowie and his music (i was listening to trash by suede while writing this)

august 14 2021


i may or may not be super busy today. i cant tell. at 4 i have to pick up eric. then i'm having dinner with my aunt. i have to pack at some point. also i have to find my camera so i can give it to my dad to figure out. eugh.

august 13 2021


i'm in the middle of watching ferris bueler (beuler? beuller?) with eric and it's scary how much the main tboys remind me of us. i've become lest invester in updating this journal (if you couldn't tell) and more into working on the site. i'm trying to juggle the sitemap + dream journal rn but i'm strapped for ideas aesthetically on both of them. i haven't done much today, i hope to get at least one of those 2 pages done. ok bye

august 12th 2021


i finished and published the movies page! i don't know what i'm gonna work on next but i'm gravitating towards the dreams page. there's still a lot to do, i'm coming up with new page ideas by the minute. i went to toby's and later i'm gonna have to meet her again to help her bring some bags downstairs, then i'm gonna see my dad and we're gonna dye a shirt together.

august 12th 2021


(sighs like a dog) i really don't have much of anything to report today. maybe i'll try customizing some clothes? or just get closer to finishing this site. i feel like that's all i ever talk about, although i know that i don't mean finished- just cooler. you know the drill

august 11th 2021


i'm working on the movies page! it should be done by tomorrow. i'm trying to call my dad cause there's a crazy storm outside but he's not picking up :/

august 11th 2021


i fixed the zoom issue (but it's still messed up for firefox users such as myself). today's the day i get my teeth fixed! yaaaaaaay. i also just wrote a big angry block of text on the jimmy urine situation. that being said, it's on my "david on (blank)" page that i haven't released formally yet because i don't know how i want to stylize it. i still need to call my dad and do today's nowhere section, my boss texted me asking if i wanna come over but i'm gonna politely explain to her my period is kicking my ass.

august 10th 2021


there's something really weird going on in the bones of this site. every page i go to looks really zoomed in, i have to set my view to 80% to make everything look how i designed it. i'm gonna try restarting my computer.

august 10th 2021


ok. so today i redid the music page. i'm really proud of it! getting closer and closer to pushing this design away from monotone vectors. my mom got a good review on her book which just came out which is good, i got my check today, and i think i'm gonna watch egi with susan and eric later ^_^

august 9th 2021


i've done so much since i last type here. if you couldn't tell, i customized the journal page, finished my about page, and made the button, which means it's almost time for the official release, i just have to mark some pages as under construction and then i'll be good.

august 9th 2021


ok. mini-crisis over: what i've decided is that this website should be everchanging and all. so it'll only be ""published"" (like it isn't already) when eric finishes the drawing of me so i can polish my about and make a site button. everything else will be marked under construction until it's not under construction anymore.

august 9th 2021


well. i've decided i want to completely remodel my music and movie pages. this cannot continue

august 9th 2021


i've been bouncing back and forth from website to website nonstop. i tried to work on the cry of mann site + a site for my ocs but i know here in my heart i just want this one done. april sent photos for the friends section which is something. i also deep down still wanna format my journal but that's not important. today i don't really have anything lined up, hopefully just more coding for me david.

august 8th 2021


<_< >_> -_-

august 8th 2021


i feel better. my teeth still suck though. they will until wendsday. they didn't even tell me they were gonna fuck me up like this man. whatever. mika's coming over today! we're gonna go to the game cafe and actually play games there and hopefully watch nowhere. right now i'm taking a little bit of a break on working on this site to work on my cry of mann fansite, which i am making.

august 7th 2021


dear diary, what a day.
i've been saving that line for a day where really bad stuff happens, and today was that day. i went to the dentist again and basically they turned 2 of my teeth into little nubs and it made me so sad i shook and cried and tried to kill myself, but it's ok cause i got pancakes for dinner (mommy made it)

august 7th 2021


today i have to:

i'm super hungry and tired right now because the coffee place doesn't open until 8:30 on weekends and my dad's gonna have us walk to 100th for breakfast. i can barely finish this properly. oh yeah i also added sections based on month. bye

august 6th 2021


me and susan are watching restoration videos! meanwhile, i still have to work on a button for this site :/. dentist said i have a cavity in between my teeth that's super deep. owch. idk if i'll be posting again today, but if i do i might need to get started on a page 2...

august 6th 2021


my teacher cancelled which is kinda good cause today felt reallly busy. i'm 2/3rds done with my robby page i just got off the phone with spencer. spencer and sol (and maybe eric) are making sites. i have a feeling i'll get a lot on here done today.

august 6th 2021


-_- doing school oreintation shit today. i have a dentist appointment for my evil teeth at 2:30. also i might get to talk to my middle school science teacher but who knows. i just want this site done man god bless

august 5th 2021


so i went to work today, had a nice lunch, called eric, spencer, april (seperately and in reverse order). i finished the hell page on jellyland (finally) and i wanna get some more work done here. been really inspired by all the cool pages lately, i've become confident in following people back. for dinner i want a burger and sweet potato fries. OH and my boss paid me extra today! 2 hours worth for just 1 hour! so cool

august 4th 2021


the amount of bugs that i've come into contact with in the last 12 hours is crazy:

this sucks. i have my sleeper consultation call at 12, my dad wanted to take me to sylvia's after that which would be fun. my boss texted me last night though and said she wanted to work today if she woke up early. whatever. if anyone has any tricks to make bugs stupider let me know.

august 3rd 2021


ugh. i was doing pretty good and being productive but i saw someone say the pandemic will never end (which i looked up and is not true but i didn't let that sink in!) so i stopped doing work and stuff and just sat and laid sad in my bed and felt my heart sink. now i really want sweet potato fries

august 3rd 2021


august 2nd 2021


HOMEPAGE IS FINALLY DONE!!! i will now sleep for 1 billion years. more bts work on the site tomorrow hehe

august 2nd 2021


i thought it wouldn't be possible but i started to work on the new mainpage and it might be done sooner than i expect it. i got a pro account today for jellyland + mp3s and may import some older sites that had failed audio integration on here. i might try to move away from using social media full time and just do neocities. i like tumblr, it's very similar in structure to neocities, but it's still ""social media"". i wanna be a recluse.
anyway in more personal news i now have a delichious ice cream and am eating it and also. i was on the phone with susan eric and sol for a while watching puppy videos. also i have a call with a possible place that could make my sleeper on wendsday at 12. i have a ton of appointments tomorrow- therapy and vocal work. but on the plus side, tomorrow is august 3rd. i love the 3rds of months because when david lynch does his weather report, he goes "august two!" not august second. so on the 3rds of the months, that's the most obvious example of him doing that. tomorrow will be a beautiful day, tuesday august THREE, with beautiful blue skies and golden sunshine all along the way! everyone, have a great day!

august 1st 2021



august 1st 2021


it's august now. my birthday month and the month i have to move in... ugh. well, spencer was nice enough to do the subtitles for me last night even though he had no clue what i was saying and i did, so i'll clean them up. now all we have left is an instagram post? i think. and i'm gonna make myself do the hot news page too, since it's been our for like, 2 weeks and still doesn't have one.
man, i was thinking last night... there's so much stuff that i have to do, EXCLUDING the ""real world"" stuff i gotta do.
i did get my first follower on this site last night! tangotrail, who i think follows me on some other sites too, but not might even know it's me...
i'm excited to inset myself in to the neocities community, althought this site is total garbage right now.
i'm so hungry dude. really excited to get breakfast now. ^_^


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